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Mother’s Day Event

Love Your Mother, Honor the Earth

Co-hosted by Neetopk Keetopk, Cloudbreaker Drum, Red Feather Singers, Earth First & Cornwall Youth Group.

When/Where: Sun 5/14 2-3 pm Kowawese at Plum Point, New Windsor (turn just past Bowling Time off 9W north), follow drive over railroad tracks to beach.

Family day- ask folks to come together as not organized chaperones.

What: A 2 pm visit from local Native American groups with a history of public blessings and teaching/environmental education on the Muhheakantuck (Hudson- “River That Flows Both Ways”) at a historic meeting place for tribes and settlers.  Will include songs, traditional dances and other opportunities for families to engage some of our Native neighbors.
After, Earth First! will be hosting a 4 pm discussion in park nearby for those wishing to stay.  Will cover new projects affecting the river and Cornwall like Pilgrim oil pipelines and ways people can help protect our river and Mother Earth.

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